Useful Links

Many Bible translations, all word or verse searchable, useful for research and reading:


Original language (Hebrew and Greek) helps by using the interlinear tools, including the Apostolic Bible (LXX, the Septuagint) that provides the Greek text of the Hebrew Old Testament.  Very useful for key word studies with links to Strongs word numbering, various lexicons, and selected commentaries:

A caution about Strongs definitions:  Strong was not a Greek scholar, but a very diligent and scholarly student and professor of Scripture.  His short definitions reflect his level of understanding and to a degree his theology.  So using the Strongs numbering system is very useful to get one to available resources but we should dig deeper than Strongs own suggestion of the meaning of the associated word.


An alternative word numbering system is identified by GK.  It is based on the Greek text as used for many (most?) translations, though not the KJV.  A web site that can search on either Strongs or GK numbers and provide useful definition numbers is below.  The most useful part of the below site (for our purposes) is at “Greek Dictionary” which is found under the “Menu.”  In the search window enter either a Strongs or GK number to get to the word.  Then click on either that number to reach further resources.


Previous study done at Tradewinds, Emmanuel Longing: